Grim Now, Grimmer Later: Time to Act

Official launch on Tuesday July 7th — ‘Solving the Grim Equation’, published by Cambria Books and written by me, Pat Dodd Racher

Upstairs at The Angel, Rhosmaen Street, Llandeilo, at 7.30pm.

Author and One Planet Council patron David Thorpe will lead a question and answer session and discussion.

The Grim Equation means that increased consumption now will result in lower consumption in the future.

Exciting pioneer projects in Wales show that families can reduce consumption dramatically and use less energy, and still live happily. Pioneers have had to battle against hostility in local government, but thanks to the Welsh Government’s ‘One Wales One Planet’ policy the chances of projects being approved are increasing.

The One Planet Development policy, and guidance in Technical Advice Note 6, and the establishment in Wales of the One Planet Council, can give Wales a leading role in the inevitable One Planet future — because we have only one planet on which to live.


The longer we wait, the more uncomfortable the fall


Solving the Grim Equation

The cover of the print version of ‘Solving the Grim Equation’, written by me, coming soon from Cambria Books


Prepare — fast — for a very different future

Pope Francis names environmental destruction a sin

Reblogged from Under the Pecan Leaves, the week’s big environmental news from Debra in Texas:

including ‘Oil sands development linked to cancer’, ‘India’s monsoon rains 41% below average’, ‘US federal and state government provide $21.6 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel industry’ and ‘El Salvador refuses Monsanto seeds in aid package’.

Oh yes, ‘Pope Francis names environmental destruction a sin’.

Do we see the chiefs of logging, fracking, drilling and mining companies praying for redemption?

Not yet.